Synchronous belt drive is composed of closed ring rubber belt with equal teeth distance and corresponding pulley, which combined belt drives, chain drives and gears advantages. When rotating, deliver power through tooth and wheel alveolar match.
With accurate tranmission, non-slip error, constant speed ratio, smooth transmission, vibration absorbption, low noise, large range, generaly up tp 1:10, line speed up to 50m/s, high transmission efficiency, usually from 98% to 99%. Transfer power from a few watts to several hundred kilowatts. The compact structure also applies to multi-axis drive, small tension, no lubrication, no pollution, thus not allowed to used in without pollution and harsh working conditions.
The products are widely used in automotive, tobacco, textile, chemical industry, light industry, household appliances, metallurgy, instrumentation, printing, communications equipment, food, mining, oil, machine tools and other new mechanical transmission.
Our products have the feature of excellent flex resistance, small elongation, high strength, anti-oil, heat, aging, odor and cracking.

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