PU synchronous belt is made ??from thermoplastic polyurethane materials, with higher wear resistance, various types of steel wire core to ensure maintain good exercise ability during transmission, small production tolerances. Opening PU belt drive is reliable and has good dimensional stability. Add a layer of nylon between tooth surface and domain teeth to ensure that the particularity is the same in special applications, but also adding layer of polyurethane at the back of the belt to prevent corrosion or high load.

Mechanical Properties
1, dimensional stability
2, low pre-tension
3, low noise
4, highly wear-resistant
5, no maintenance
6, good elasticity
7, the straight-line speeds is up to 80 m / sec.
8, high-precision linear positioning
Chemical Properties
1, anti-aging, water solution, anti-ultraviolet UVA, anti-ozone;
2, operating temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +80 ℃, can withstand up to +110 ℃ in short time;
3, highly resistant to oil, grease;
4, resistant to most acid and alkali corrosion.